Human Interface At The

IOT Configurator

Creating An Account

An account can be created at the URL http://configure.urremote.com/config/newuser/name/password . The response will indicate if an account is created and will respond with "Failed Account Creation" if one already exists by that name.

The account is used to associate a device with a person and to allocate the name value pairs associated with a device. The password is not recoverable so don't forget it.

User Interface

Log on with user name and password.

Device interaction uses the SQL language through the generic PhpMyAdmin tool. Alternatively connect directly to the database with an SQL client for example HeidiSQL. Other interfaces will be developed if there is a demand.


There are two database views to show lists of devices and device parameters associated with this account. SQL functions are used to add/delete devices and add/modify/delete device parameters. There is also unrestricted access to an initially blank database for constructing new ways to look at devices and parameters. This database will be deleted if it causes problems for the server.



Device Related
SELECT AddDevice('DeviceID') Associate a device with this account. Returns a DeviceCode which is the identifier used for all further interactions with a device. Within an account, DeviceID's are unique but multiple accounts can have the same DeviceID. The DeviceID is used only once by a device to request a token from the server. It is the number in the WiFi access point name when using WiFiManager .
SELECT * FROM MyDevices Show a list of devices associated with this account, their DeviceCode and whether they will provide a DeviceCode to a device. A 1 in the notified field indicates the DeviceCode is available through the device interface and a 0 indicates it has already been supplied.
SELECT DeleteDevice('DeviceCode') Delete records associated with DeviceCode from database. Returns 1 if successful and 0 if failed.
UPDATE MyDevices SET Notified=1 WHERE DeviceID=DeviceID Reset a device so it will be visible from the device interface again. Useful when a device needs to refetch it's DeviceCode.
Parameter Related
SELECT AddParameter('DeviceCode','Name','Value') Add a name/value pair for the device identified by the DeviceCode. Name is the thing to be configured and Value is the configuration data for this device. Returns 1 if successful and 0 if failed.
SELECT * FROM MyParameters Show a list of parameter Names and Values associated with my devices.
SELECT DeleteParameter('DeviceCode','Name') Delete the parameter Name associated with device DeviceCode . Returns 1 if successful, 0 if failed.
SELECT UpdateParameter('DeviceCode','Name','Value') Change the Value associated with the parameter Name. Returns 1 if successful, 0 if failed.
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